Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We consider our obligation to our clients to extend well beyond our consultative services to the verification and diagnostic testing of our analysis and engineering recommendations during construction. Testament to our dedication to quality, Energy Inspectors is an accredited Provider for both the USGBC LEED for Homes program as well as the EPA's ENERGY STAR program. As a Provider and, more importantly, as our clients' advocate, it is our duty to ensure that their trades are accurately implementing our designs so our service sees a full circle of quality.

Our field inspections span the entire construction life cycle and consist of all necessary testing measures for the numerous programs we certify for. Whether a utility based energy efficiency incentive program or a LEED Platinum project, our seasoned team of inspectors has the technical knowledge, experience, and equipment necessary to provide our clients with the highest level of quality assurance.

Sensitive to project timeline's, our raters present themselves as consultants and trainers – consistently providing the guidance necessary to both superintendents and trades in effort to keep our client's on schedule and moving forward. It's with our unique and attentive approach that we succeeded in never being viewed as the "energy police" but welcomed as partners and teammates – a position we're proud of and strive to maintain on every project.

Some of the tests we perform are:

• Low Leakage (Tight) Ducts

• SEER Verification

• EER Verification

• Quality Insulation Inspection (QII)

• Fan Wattage Verification

• Air Infiltration (Blower Door)

• Verified Refrigerant Charge / CID

• Verified Cooling Coil Airflow

• Maximum Cooling Capacity

• Verified Pipe Insulation

• HERS Verified Mechanical Ventilation

• Photovoltaic Performance Testing

• Indoor and outdoor water efficiency verification

• And more...

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