We believe our clients create spaces of community, functionality, and beauty. To the outside world, these communities may be called "lofts", "apartments", or "townhomes", but to the residents who occupy these spaces, they are simply called "home".

Energy Inspectors approaches each project holistically, tailoring our approach to the unique requirements and goals of every builder. We are consciously aware of project cost, operating expense, and feasibility, and we work with our partners to avoid any unexpected overhead. We provide unparalleled knowledge of green programs, code updates, and funding requirements, and our experienced consultants ensure that consistency is found in our level of care and concern for each and every project. Our focus is on achieving the ideal building approach customized for every client and every project.



Our highly trained, dedicated team of energy modeling analysts will provide timely, accurate assessments of your architectural drawings. With residential and non-residential Certified Energy Plans Examiners, Certified Energy Analysts, LEED APs, and HERS Raters on staff, we will tailor your energy modeling solutions to the energy code and program requirements of your project. A differentiating aspect of our modeling approach is that we provide multiple scenarios to assist in equipment selection and compliance. As we cater to 18 of top 20 national homebuilders, we have experience with various energy codes and a variety of software modeling programs.

Our energy modeling team will ensure that your plans meet any version of the California Title 24 or IECC codes, as well as any and all above-code programs which you choose to participate in using the best and most cost effective options available. We pride ourselves in understanding the importance of each builder's unique messaging and value proposition.


Our field raters are not merely QA inspectors, they are consultants. They consult with superintendents and tirelessly provide in-field training to all installing trades to ensure that what was designed in pre-construction is being implemented throughout the building process. We appreciate the production timeline and cater to even the most demanding schedules.

Our certified HERS raters can all perform code, above code, and solar inspections, streamlining your field process. They also work with our Central Scheduling Department to ensure that all your inspections are occurring in a convenient and efficient manner.


Whether you want an energy efficiency label, a green building certification, or just want to meet the requirements of an incentive program, our award winning team can provide you the tailored options to achieve your goals. We are well versed in voluntary above code programs such as LEED, ENERGY STARĀ®, and Build It Green's GreenPoint Rated programs - just to name a few.


We believe that navigating the ins-and-outs of code documentation and incentive applications should be left to us, not our clients. As a value added service, our Incentive Management Department will seek to find every applicable incentive for your project. We work with utility, federal, and local programs to ensure that no applicable incentive is left unchecked and unclaimed for your projects. From the initial application through the final rebate check, we will ensure your projects are fully enrolled in the programs in which you wish to participate.


Commissioning is an extensive quality assurance process that ensures a building operates as the owner intends. We will work together with the builder, consultants, and installing trades to organize the commissioning process from the pre-design phase, through design and construction, and into occupancy and operations. Our experienced consultants will assist to educate partners, and facilitate success for every project.

We can improve your bottom line.

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