We believe our clients create places where people come to innovate, be exceptional, and find enjoyment. Ensuring a healthy and productive work environment for their tenants is paramount to our success. We also understand that undertaking a project of this magnitude requires trust and exceptional performance - both of which we have exemplified for over 20 years.

Energy Inspectors takes a savvy, comprehensive approach to energy consulting and commissioning that will prevent delays, increase cap rate and building durability, and reduce the operating costs on commercial projects. Our goal is to meet the requirements of each individual owner and ensure every building is successfully completed on scope, schedule, and budget. We focus on risk mitigation so our clients can focus on their business. Our extensive experience in commercial energy modeling, commissioning, and quality assurance ensure we provide the best possible solutions.



Our highly trained, dedicated team of energy modeling analysts will provide timely, accurate assessments of your architectural drawings. With residential and non-residential Certified Energy Plans Examiners, Certified Energy Analysts, LEED APs, and HERS Raters on staff, we will tailor your energy modeling solutions to the energy code and program requirements of your project. A differentiating aspect of our modeling approach is that we provide multiple scenarios to assist in equipment selection and compliance. As we cater to clients across the nation, we have experience with various energy codes and a variety of software modeling programs.

Our energy modeling team will ensure that your plans meet any version of the California Title 24 or IECC codes, as well as any and all above-code programs which you choose to participate in using the best and most cost effective options available. We pride ourselves in understanding the importance of each builder's unique messaging and value proposition.


With over 20 years of experience in energy audits, we can recommend the best energy upgrading retrofit options for your project. Our team is knowledgeable about building systems and can provide innovative and cost effective models that will enhance your building's value.


Commissioning is an extensive quality assurance process that ensures a building operates as the owner intends. We will work together with the builder, consultants, and installing trades to organize a commissioning process from the pre-design phase, through design and construction, and into occupancy and operation. Our seasoned consultants will assist to educate partners and facilitate success for every project.

We offer both fundamental commissioning – a prerequisite for LEED Certification that focuses on the installation and verification of the mechanical and electrical systems during construction as well as enhanced commissioning which provides a much broader scope of work and can yield greater energy efficiency and additional savings on operating costs.


Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, LEED is the most acclaimed voluntary certification system in the nation. LEED promotes the design and construction of high-performance buildings using sustainable building practices which are environmentally and socially responsible. LEED buildings are certified through performance testing and third-party verification. This testing ensures each building meets high standards of performance and efficiency for a healthier built environment. Our consultants help you will develop energy efficient strategies, navigate the program-related requirements and their potential cost impacts to your build. Energy Inspectors will give you the right tools to make an informed decision about which LEED rating system is best for your project.

We can improve your bottom line.

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